If you sell goods in any EU country, it’s likely you may be required to register for Value Added Tax (VAT) in each country you sell in.
Remember: it’s the responsibility of each Plati seller to ensure they are VAT-compliant and you should seek professional advice if you are unsure of your obligations.

Five reasons to sell on Plati

  1. It's simple: Plati does not require the seller to know how to program, have separate hosting or a permanent Internet connection. You need only create a product description, upload it and wait to receive a sales notification.
  2. Functional: It supports multiple currencies (payment systems, credit cards, payment via SMS messages, payment terminals), notification of sales, support for pre-orders, providing rebates for repeat customers, credit sales, reviews management, product page views statistics, personal page at the address http://yourpage.plati.market, ability to offer products for free, ability to collect partner contributions, and auto-generation of unique codes for each sale. This is far from being an exhaustive list of the features that Plati offers to sellers.
  3. Reliable: Protected access to products through WebMoney.Login, blocking access by IP address, restrictions on withdrawals, and data backup several times per day.
  4. Profitable: Plati is a marketplace with more than ten years of sales experience. It receives more than 40,000 unique visitors per day, possesses a giant network of partners on the Internet, and constantly advertises on major portals. All of these features will provide you with a fast and successful start for your business.
  5. Rapid support: Our technical support team is always ready to answer your questions and help you learn how to use the trading platform.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Unscrupulous buyers purchase my product and then put it up for sale in their name. How can I prevent this?

Always clarify what the purchaser's rights are. If you are selling a text, include a copyright symbol and notice. Be clear by stating the product distribution terms. Use a non-editable file format (for example, PDF). If you are selling an image, then use a digital watermark. If you are selling software, include a license agreement and copyright notice. Establish your copyright in any way possible.

The buyer left negative feedback and all my products were temporarily blocked. What should I do?

You need to contact the buyer in any way possible and try to resolve the conflict so that the user can change the negative review. If the buyer does not state why he was not satisfied in the review, or if the review contains foul language, then please let us know by going to My Account > Contact Us.

The buyer has agreed to revise his review about my product. How can he do it?

Tell the buyer that they need to go the "My Purchases" section. After logging in, the buyer will receive access to all purchased goods and can edit their review.

Why do I need WebMoney personal passport and how can I obtain one?

The WebMoney Personal Passport gives the seller a number of advantages:

  • Increases the degree of confidence on the part of buyers
  • If the buyer leaves a negative review, then your personal account and products for sale are not blocked (except for cases where you receive a negative rating)
  • It grants access to many sections of Plati, such as "Activation keys", for example
You can learn more about the terms and conditions for obtaining a personal passport on the WebMoney Transfer Passport site https://passport.wmtransfer.com .

I want to sell my product on my own website. I do not need Plati.

No problem. When choosing a section where to place your product, select "My site". We offer a variety of options for selling digital products, including variable prices, automatically generated unique codes, etc.

How can I change the personal information that I provided during registration?

Click the "Edit details" button in the "My Account" section.

Can I list the same item in multiple sections?

No, this is not permitted.

Why am I not able to withdrawal funds for a sold product?

Sellers may withdraw funds no earlier than 72 hours after the time of sale. For certain sections/products/sellers this delay period may be even longer.

I want to upload a large file to your server. Are there any file size limits?

Each seller receives 100 MB of free disk space. The maximum file upload size is 2 MB. You can remove the file size restriction for hosted files by purchasing additional disk space. In order to purchase more space, go to My Account > Disk Space. The price for 100 MB of storage is 1 WMZ per month.

Can HTML tags be used in the product description?

No, you may not use HTML code when entering product information except for the special tags <delivery>special conditions of delivery</delivery> and <attention>important information</attention>. DigiSeller allows you to upload product images, and it automatically makes http-links clickable in the description.

I added a product, but I cannot find it among the other product listings.

The product list in the sections is updated once per hour.

What digital products can I sell in your marketplace?

Only those that you have the right to sell. This requirement applies not only to software, but also to all other products. If you want to resell a product that you legitimately purchased, then list it in the marketplace as a "unique" item.

Can I provide additional contact information in my product listing?

No, you may not. All seller contact information is listed on a separate page, "Seller Information".

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